Friday, January 21, 2011

FICO™ PlacementsPlus® 6.0 Provide Creditors New Improved Oppurtunities

FICO, the provider of analytics and choice management technologies, has released the most recent version of its collections agency management service, FICO™ PlacementsPlus® service 6.0.

Already the leading service providing you with creditors visibility and control over the outsourcing of third-party collection activities, FICO PlacementsPlus 6.0 contains enhanced analytics and more sophisticated reporting tools to better manage and optimize collections agency performance. These advantages can lead to improved operational outcomes and elevated debt recovery.

FICO™ PlacementsPlus® service 6.0 gives creditors new tools to optimize the distribution of the debt amongst collections agencies, matching particular debt attributes using the agencies ideal to that particular type of debt. The service also now enables creditors to set several and customized debt recovery thresholds, or objectives for dollars to collect, for his or her different agencies. Besides PlacementsPlus 6.0 help determine the right efficiency thresholds for each agency, it will help creditors track and evaluate progress and adjust as needed to enhance performance and be sure good results.

“Our FICO PlacementsPlus service is known for the double-digit increases in debt recovery it delivers, through being able to provide each understanding of third-party collections efficiency along with a ready means for creditors to create real-time adjustments within their placements techniques,” said Deborah Kerr, Chief Technology Officer at FICO. “Creditors are now able to make use of the very best analytics and never have to wait months for lengthy model building - PlacementsPlus 6.0 delivers analytic final results within the first 30 days.”

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